Who we are:


We are 6 individuals still free (D., R., S., S., T., T.) who gave birth to this initiative after evaluating carefully the internal and international situation.


In any case, who we are is not so important, as well as academic titles, the skills or scientific diplomas do not matter when it comes to reasoning: you don't need to be a scientist or a qualified expert to realize the controlled demolition of freedom and the aberrant social engineering operation of total control that is taking place in our territory.


The situation is very serious and the damage is inestimable: every day tens of thousands of people join the list of miserable people without any chance of sustenance and survival.


After enduring attacks of all kinds on the peculiar characteristics of the human being and the foundations of a civil society, we realized that we couldn’t reach the effects which are now necessary such as an immediate result by operating only within the country.


Disgusted by all the verified events on the national and European scenes, we’ve come to the conclusion that a request for international intervention, especially involving USA and RUSSIA, can be a realistic way to consider.


It was also sent a request for intervention to all internal law enforcement agencies, including the armed forces, appealing to the hearts of free men.