APPEAL from the Italian People

dated May 22, 2020


Following the alleged pandemic from Corona Virus and the actions taken by our government institutions, the actual situation is historically dramaticNo state body, who’s paid by taxes to safeguard the CITIZENS and the POPULATION in the territory, is in fact taking care of neither health nor interests.


The survival of the entire nation, of the Italian civilization and culture ar all at stake.

The appeal aims to collect that part of the population that understood the real action perpetrated and currently underway to achieve the detriment of all humanity, especially in the Italian peninsula: the limitation of all forms of freedom, the scientific destruction of a country through the economic, mental and physical demolition of an entire population, the final sale of the ultimate production / services and national assets to foreign subjects with the commodification of the people’s lives sold to the world economic and health system.


Before a real internal revolution, we aim to find a form of possible intervention from the outside as an extreme attempt to stop this wicked political class never elected by the people, the task forces of state technicians, the institutional parasitic and corrupted system, as well as the health, industrial, economic and banking one, always operating behind the scenes.


Hence the request for intervention primarily to be done by our Armed Forces, including the Carabinieri corp and Internal police forces if feasible and finally, above all, those of the USA and RUSSIA, the last apparently free states (certainly more free than those slaves under the European Union) and released from capitalist logics of power.


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